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Winter holidays on Crete

Crete is the second largest island of the East Mediterranean, very well known for million of tourists every year as the perfect holiday destination. With 300 days of sunshine, endless sandy beaches, colorfull- picturesque villages and towns, breathtaking landscape, unique fauna and flora, friendly and hospitable local people, unique culture and tasty but healthy kitchen, is a place you don't wat to miss with.

Crete in winter time

"Out of season" is between November till the end of March. This is the right time to explore Crete's nature. It is the best period of the year to do your studies and hobbies, to pursue your interests.

Winter time is also the best period for making your excursions with a rented car and visit the uncrowded interesting places of the island. Especially the countryside this time of the year is full of contrast and colours.

EVERGREEN TOURS provide a great selection of excursions, activities and in winter season in Crete. Your holidays in Crete during the winter will be an unforgettable experience. You can select your accommodation from our Evergreen rental's list. Also we offer a types of vehicles to suit your needs.

Accommodation and car-rental rates in winter time are much cheaper than in Summer. Long stays have remarkable discounts.

During winter months resort hotels are closed. Only city hotels stay open. Regular flights are available from and to Athens or some European capitals. Towns on Crete are vivid in the winter months as the majority of restaurants, shops and cafes with traditional or trendy products and decoration open. Coffe shops are the meeting points of the locals.

About weather

Normally, during winter time the weather conditions in Crete are changeable.

In November, December and March the weather usually tend to be mild. January and February are the coldest months of the year with some days of heavy rainfalls and snowfalls in the mountains. Also some spectacular storms are in winter, but always at the end the sun comes out. Temperatures vary from 1-2 degrees Celcius (a few days) at sea level to 20-21 degrees.



Festivals in Crete during winter season


* Between December 24th and January 6th, are celebrated in Crete island, Christmas and New Year festivities.

* The "Epiphany" is on January 6th. On this day is the Holy Blessing of the Waters in every village and town.

* Normally in February or March is the Carnival period (Apokries) in Crete. It last three weeks with happy atmosphere, masked balls treasure hunt and the big Carnival parade in Rethymno town, the capital of fun of the period.

* Clean Monday is after the Carnival Sunday usually in March marked by kite flyings and picnics for families.

* On March 25th is Greek Independence Day as well as a major religious holiday - marked by school and military parades throughout Crete.

* The Greek Orthodox Easter usually in April is celebrated with many local customs and traditions from the holy Friday to the Easter Sunday.