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Day Excursions

Agios Nikolaos - Elounda - Spinalonga Island

With this excursion, you will visit the eastern part of Crete. Passing by Heraklion, the capital of Crete, we reach the charming little town of Agios Nikolaos lying on the famous lake "Voulismeni" and a small port. Beatifull place with a unique atmosphere. After visiting the town, our trip continuoes towards Elounda bay. Time for a swim and lunch before sailing to the small island of Spinalonga, just off coast Elounda.On the island of Spinalonga housed the last leper colony (opened in 1903) in Europe closing in 1957. The old Venetian fort and houses previously occupied by a Turkish population which became their homes still stand, now empty. A small walk through Spinalonga is an unrepeatable experience.



Enjoy this magnificent tour of South Crete where you will have the chance to enjoy the natural beauties of the island. Our tour begins through the impressive mountain range of Lefka Ori. We continue our way going through the magnificent of Askifou and driving parallel to the beautiful Imbros gorge. We finally reach Frangokastelo, to see the beautiful and mysterious old Venetian castle. Crossing the most beautiful coastline of South Crete we reach the wonderful village of Plakias by the sea where you can enjoy a swim or have lunch in one of the local taverns. On our way back you will have the chance to admire the breathtaking Kourtaliotiko gorge. By the end of this tour you will have visited one of the most magnificent sites of Crete and you will have probably taken the best photos of Cretan beauty!


Crete's Aquarium

It is a very well designed aquarium opened in 2005. A large number of sea-creatures found along Crete's coastline are living into its 32 water tanks. Sea horses, sharks and jellyfish are swimming into this artificial enviroment. Bring a light jacket with you as inside the aquarium is a rather cold and dark. Daily 9am - 9pm (Jun-Sep), 10am - 5.30pm (Oct-May).



Travelling through the impressive nature you will enjoy another quite beautiful coastal area with an off-shore island. Elafonisi is a popular tourist area with some rudimentary beach taverns to supply the necessities of life. The isthmus joining the island to the land is usually covered with water - only a couple of feet deep at worst- and it is quite easy to paddle across. Supervise the kids. The water around the island is quite deep enough for good swimmers to enjoy but the water is much colder than the huge shallow bay landward.


Motiv: Knossos
Notiv: Plakias


Probably is not well known, but Crete is an island on which a 4x4 wheel-drives-safaris arestill an exciting adventure. The group will have a maximum of 16 persons guided by the tour- leader. We cross the west area of Rethymno, and finish on south coast of Crete. Of course there are some stops on the way to stretch our legs and take some nice pictures. By coffetime we arrive in Spili village.After coffe we continue southwords to Preveli palm beach where we have a delicious meal next to the beach. We drive through Kourtaliotis gorge climbing the mountains again and have beautiful view on the wonderful, wild, impressive nature. This adventure is not a dangerous one and certainly not a survival expedition but a healthy attitude and a good sense of humor are the best ingredients. Est. 8-9 hrs .


Lasithi Plateau

A world away from the coast surrounded by high mountains, the Lasithi Plateau is a flat fertile plain lying 900 meters above sea level. Lasithi is dotted with hundreds of windmills which were used to pump underground water and unspoilt rural villages. Pay a visit to the Diktaion cave ( according mythology the birthpalce of Zeus the father of the Greek gods).Worth to visit is also Lasinthos Eco-park where you can see many animals from Crete as well craftsmen making local products.


Palace of Knossos

The palace of Knossos, re-discovered by the British archaeologist Sir Arthur Evans in 1900. The palace is dated 2000 BC. The excursion takes you straight to the heart of the Minoan civilization in Crete .We visit the most important Minoan palace on Crete, residence of the King Minos and the legendary Minotaur which is associated with a rich tapestry of Greek myth. During the excavations a large number of objects were found and today exposed in the archaeological museum of Heraklion which we will explore in the afternoon.


The town of Rethymno

A travel in time as if time had never passed. Rethymno represents a place of contrasts, boasting a long and remarkable history as well as untouched places of natural beauty and living traditions. This small Mediterranean town will enchant you with its centre dating from the period of the Renaissance, its fortress and museums as well as its beaches. The excursion may include Arkadi, the most famous monastery of Crete and/or Margarites village famous for its ceramic workshops.


Photo: Rethymno
Photo: Preveli