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A really good selection of seaside or fine boutique or ore simple but with character hotels in Crete is available in Evergreen's rental site.

Cost of accommodation in Greece is lower than the most countries in Europe, which in combination to the exemplary hospitality of the native-people, create the idyllic conditions for unforgettable holidays.

Hotel price more or less determines the standard of the accommodation and reflects other important aspects such as the distance from the sea, the airport or port or the town center.

Usually you will get rooms for a lower rate, if your stay is for more than a few nights , especially in Low and Middle seasons. Price for a double- room in Crete starts from 30 Euros per night for low category hotels and go up to well above 500-600 Euros or more, when you stay in deluxe-seaside-Hotels in Crete. The Majority of hotels and tourist- properties in Crete are on the North coast of the island. Most of them are in co-operation with tour operators and can only booked through them. But still there are plenty of accommodation in Crete available for independent travelers especially in South coast.